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Rugby is a sport that is loved by many all over the world. Argentina is no exception, with the country having passionate rugby following. The Argentine national team, also known as Los Pumas, is one of the top rugby nations in the world. Rugby is deeply ingrained in Argentinian culture and the country has a proud history in the sport.

The Argentine Rugby Union (UAR) was founded in 1899 and is the governing body for rugby in Argentina. The UAR has been a member of World Rugby since 1910. Argentina first played international rugby in 1910 against the British Isles. Since then, Argentina has played in every Rugby World Cup, making it to the semi-finals twice (in 2007 and 2015).

The Pumas are a well-rounded side, with a strong forward pack and some skilled backs. The team plays an exciting and entertaining brand of rugby that has won fans all over the world. The Pumas have also had some success in Test matches, winning 47% of their matches.

Rugby is very popular in Argentina and there are many great players who have represented the country over the years. Some of the greatest players to ever play for Los Pumas include Agustin Pichot, Felipe Contepomi, Juan Martin Hernandez, Nicolas Sanchez, and Leonardo Senatore. These players have helped make Argentina one of the powerhouse nations in world rugby.

The next big challenge for Los Pumas will be qualifying for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. Argentina will need to finish in the top two of their group in order to qualify for the tournament. The Pumas will face some tough competition in their group, including South Africa, Australia, and Wales. However, with their talented squad, anything is possible for Los Pumas.

If you want to see Argentina play live, then check out one of their upcoming Test matches or Rugby World Cup qualifiers. The next Test match for the Pumas will be against Scotland on June 10th. You can also watch the Rugby World Cup qualifiers live on TV or online. So if you’re a fan of Argentinian rugby, then be sure to check out one of their matches soon!

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